Other Activities at Barbury


In addition to clay shooting we also have an archery area available for experienced archers to use for practice. We have a selection of re-curve bows in different sizes and weights (both left and right handed) suitable for adults and children over the age of 10.

Archery is also available as one of the options in a group multi activity event (see below for all prices).

Non MembersMembers
40 mins practice session (own equipment)£9£7
40 mins practice session (inc. equipment)£16£12

Must be experienced for practice session.
Please call to book.

Air Rifle Tuition & Practice


The aim of the air rifle experience is to teach safety as a priority and also teach the pupil about the different guns available. For all lessons gun hire and pellets are included in the price.

The air rifle range is available for both tuition and practice sessions for experienced shooters, please call to book.

Non MembersMembers
Adult 40 mins lesson 1 person - (x2) (x3)£29 (£39) (£49)£20 (£30) (£40)
Junior 40 mins lesson 1 person - (x2) (x3)£25 (£35) (£45)£20 (£25) (£40)
40 mins practice session (own gun)£8£6
40 mins practice session (inc. gun hire)£15£10

Lessons include gun and pellets.
Practice sessions for experienced users only - pellets not included, but may be purchased by the tin.
Please call to book.

Multi Activity Group Events

As well as clay pigeon shooting Barbury Shooting School is also able to create a multi-activity event suitable for your corporate day out or any group session. The following activities are available, but please contact us to discuss your individual requirments. 

Parties are for a minimum of 4 people. We can tailor a party program to your individual requirements. Please call us for further details.

Have-A-Go Clay Shooting£14 for 10 shots
£26 for 20 shots
Air Rifles£15 per person
Archery£15 per person
Muzzleloaders£23 per person
Shoot the GNATPOA